We are sure that all experienced hunters agree that hunting wild animals in nature is not an easy job and Iran is not an exception. However, we believe no hunter would be bothered by the time, money and effort he spend as long as he enjoys the satisfaction of a hunting trip.

At Persian Shikar we try our best to offer that satisfaction to our clients and keep up the level of our services which start months before the arrival of our guests and last for ever!

Every time hunters look at their Iranian trophies, we are sure they will feel proud of themselves and recall the memories of their great satisfactory trip.

Happy hunting

Siamak Khonsari
Managing Director
Persian Shikar Outfitters

Hunting Department of Daltour
with Registered License : B 114/5889
Member of Iranian Tour Operators Association
Member of Iranian Inbound Tours Committee
Member of Iranian Environment Protection
Organization & Game Department